Things to think about if you want to work from home

Without further explanation, hearing the words “work from home” might conjure up the somewhat blissful vision of а person working in their sweats all day, having а home office does take some time getting used to.  And in order to be successful, you have to correctly plan the environment for your needs.

If you think about it, when companies design work spaces they do it for maximum efficiency and productivity.  When you make the decision to work at home you need to focus on the same things.  Create а space that allows you to be comfortable, efficient and productive.


Location, Location, Location – Think about which part of your home would be the most efficient work space. Not only should you think about how much space you will need, but whether or not the space needs to have a door or window.

I also considered the temperature of my house.  My home has faces the East-West side, which means that the back of the house is warmer toward the end of the day.  So І intentionally have my office at the front of the house.  It stays cooler and І don’t have to deal with too much sunlight.

Consider ergonomics. In order to do your best work, you have to be comfortable.  And that comfy sofa in front of the plasma TV starts looking real good after а couple hours in а poorly designed workspace. Your office chair needs to properly support your back.  If you’ll be working on а computer from home, make sure you have proper lighting and a place to rest your wrist.

І know this might sound elementary, but you would be amazed at the number of people who don’t consider taking good care of their posture when designing а home office.  It’s one thing to jump in а chair and send off а few bills from а desk.  That takes minutes. It’s another thing to work for hours.  Reading а few articles on how to take good care of your movements will make you healthier and more productive.

Communication Musts – One of the keys to working from home it being accessible.  I’ve always found that my clients didn’t care where І was as long as (а) they could reach me and (b) І delivered on time.  How you communicate is key, because you are establishing your credibility and creating trust.

Many people use their cell phones as primary communication devices.  Which is great.  І love my smart phone and use it all the time.  But I also know that there are а couple of places in my home that the coverage is spotty and І could drop а call.  So І have а landline backup.  Nothing is worse than being on an important conference call and getting dropped off the line. I am not endorsing a particular product or connection provider, but just keep in mind how you will communicate when setting up your office.

Also when it comes phone coverage, think whether voicemail, and forwarding services and applications like Google Voice make sense to keep you connected to your customers.

My last two-cents about phones – one of the best investments І made was а wireless headset.  If you spend а lot of time on conference calls, this could be а lifesaver for you.  It’s also great when you are on a call and someone wants you to sign for a package.  Multitasking at its best.


Technology – Talking about communication leads to discussions about the internet.  If you have multiple computers in your home, а wireless network might be necessary.

I also can’t resist sharing my biggest technology indulgence.  Dual monitors.  Years ago, the graphic designer who worked on something for me suggested it and I decided to use it in other companies as well.  If you spend а lot of time on computers, it will completely change the way you work and increase your productivity.

Find Your Zone – Working from home can be а blessing and а curse.  Need to take 5 minutes to make а personal phone call – no problem.  Want to work in your pajamas, no worries. But it also means that your work is staring you in the face all the time.

While you might enjoy what you ,you still need time to disconnect.  Figure out а routine that works for you.  When І first started working at home, І was so concerned about falling into the trap of being undisciplined that I made myself miserable.  After settling into а schedule that allowed me to do some things that were important to me – like working out – І was happier and more productive.

Marketing your office – Even though you work at home, you still want to create an image that you are а professional.  So when І refer to the place І work – it’s called the office.  Not home.

With more people considering freelancing and consulting, working from home has plenty of advantages. А well-thought-out plan to establishing а home office can offer you а casual, comfortable, flexible place to work that’s also easy to set up and relatively inexpensive to maintain.  Best of all, it’s а place where you can get things done!

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