I am to scared to move from my job

There is always someone who due to circumstances has been trapped in their current job for a few years would like to move but does not seem to know where to start.

I know someone who had been in the same job with a company for over 5 years and had just been passed over for a promotion. In fact the person they had trained got the job. This lead to this person having doubts about their ability to move up in their current company.  However as we have seen over the past 7 years job searching has changed drastically. So not only was there the doubt about their abilities there was the overwhelming thought of trying to search for a job when they had never even had to write a CV. They did however have a LinkedIn profile with a few bits of information. They were going to take some time off to look after their kids and it so happened that where this person was they got to take time off and get paid so this was also an opportunity to regroup and start job hunting.

I got this person to do the next few simple steps:

Change your LinkedIn contact email to your personal email

Change your contact settings so that is shows you can be contacted for jobs, advice etc

Update your skills list

Update the details about your current job


This person did not do this all at once but bit by bit

First of all their contact settings, after doing this the excitedly emailed me to tell me that they had gotten a phone call from an interested company

So then they went ahead and updated their skills and job information

Guess what I got another email stating they had a job interview the following week! Now they were really scared as they had not interviewed for a job in years and did not even have a current CV to give them.

To make a long story short with some guidance they aced the interview were advised they were being underpaid by about 30%

They then went on to get a brand new job in the area they wanted and closer to home!

Things not to do in a phone interview

Few job hunters really seem to understand just how important a phone interview is in the whole interviewing process. People don’t take it as seriously as a face to face interview. However, in this day and age of globalization it is a very costly mistake to make. I phone interview people day in and day out. I contact them first so we can set up a time for the interview so they have time to prepare. I also give them an idea of the types of questions that I will be asking. This is me being a helpful person. I want to get you hired, I want to pass your details on to the hiring manger, I want this to be successful, as it looks good for me to send more qualified candidates to the hiring manager. However, there are some people who no matter how hard you try just don’t seem to want the job.


Here are some examples of what people have done during phone interviews. (FYI doing these things does not get you through to the next round of interviews)

Preaching their specific religion to me

Not knowing anything about the company they are interviewing for

When asked to tell me about their work experiences they respond, “Did you not get my resume?”

Spanking children in the background

Giving yes no answers


Gushing about subjects that are not related to the interview for more than 5 minutes

Claiming a certain language level and then arguing with me (native speaker) when I advise you that you do not have that level which is why you are not getting the job (or any help with what you got wrong)

Answering the phone with “yeah, what do you want?”

The list could go on and on and on…….