Efficiency Tips For Small Business Owners #5

Time Saving Tip #5 – Figure Out When You are Most Productive


Everyone has a time of day when they are most productive. For some people it is first thing in the morning, when they are fresh and ready to go. For others, their best time of day is later in the day when they have had enough time to become fully alert and get smaller mundane tasks out of the way. For still others, the most productive time of day is when nobody else is around and they can concentrate in the quiet of the day. Pay attention to when you are at your peak performance and use this information to plan your day accordingly.

Efficiency Tips For Small Business Owners #4

Time Saving Tip #4 – Limit Time Wasting Activities

As you begin your workday, it is easy to get caught up in activities that waste time and divert you from the business at hand. Instead of taking your first work hour of time surfing the internet or following your favorite blogs, focus your attention on activities that will entirely on your workday, such as making your daily list of priorities or calling clients. By limiting the amount of time you spend on unproductive activities, you will find that you are more productive over the entire day.

Efficiency Tips For Small Business Owners #3

Time Saving Tip #3 – Delegate Whenever Possible


Although you may think that if you want a job doing well that you should do it yourself, it is not possible to do every single task yourself. Instead, consider the option of hiring a virtual assistant to help you with administrative tasks that are time consuming. Virtual assistants are an excellent innovation in the administrative support aspect of owning and running a business. You can hire them only when you need them. Not only will this free up your time to concentrate on other activities that will generate income, but without the need to provide office space for a VA, you will be able to save money in the process.

Efficiency Tips For Small Business Owners #2

Time Saving Tip #2 – Prioritize Daily Tasks 

Prioritizing sounds like something so simple. Yet it is one of the daily activities that many small business owners fail to do on a regular basis. By making a list of daily priorities, it will help you keep on track with what absolutely must be completed that day and what can be completed at a later date. As you work your way down the list, cross tasks off when they are completed. Not only will this give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also help you understand more fully how much time it takes to accomplish regular tasks.

Efficiency Tips For Small Business Owners #1

Don’t be afraid of taking a day off! Sometimes you need that time to recharge your batteries and not think about your business 24/7. I know you always get told that you should never take a day off as your business will suffer but if you plan it well just getting away early on a Friday afternoon it can make the world of difference to your mental state. Book in a meeting with yourself on your calendar.


Every small business owner faces the challenge of not having enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be completed in order for them to be successful. As a result, it is imperative that you be efficient with your time and accomplish as much as possible in the time you have available. Here are a few tips to help you with your quest.


Tip 2 coming soon…

Things not to do in a phone interview

Few job hunters really seem to understand just how important a phone interview is in the whole interviewing process. People don’t take it as seriously as a face to face interview. However, in this day and age of globalization it is a very costly mistake to make. I phone interview people day in and day out. I contact them first so we can set up a time for the interview so they have time to prepare. I also give them an idea of the types of questions that I will be asking. This is me being a helpful person. I want to get you hired, I want to pass your details on to the hiring manger, I want this to be successful, as it looks good for me to send more qualified candidates to the hiring manager. However, there are some people who no matter how hard you try just don’t seem to want the job.


Here are some examples of what people have done during phone interviews. (FYI doing these things does not get you through to the next round of interviews)

Preaching their specific religion to me

Not knowing anything about the company they are interviewing for

When asked to tell me about their work experiences they respond, “Did you not get my resume?”

Spanking children in the background

Giving yes no answers


Gushing about subjects that are not related to the interview for more than 5 minutes

Claiming a certain language level and then arguing with me (native speaker) when I advise you that you do not have that level which is why you are not getting the job (or any help with what you got wrong)

Answering the phone with “yeah, what do you want?”

The list could go on and on and on…….